Inspired Education Australia

Inspired Education Australia (IEA), as a part of Inspired Group is a platform with the vision of imparting ‘Professional Sustainability’ within the built environment of Australia – this includes focussing specifically on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries of Australia. Founded and operated by 21st century entrepreneurs, IEA is passionate about its mission and is consistently looking for new ways to affect change in the industry. To date IEA has affected change in a number of areas within the industry through multiple different avenues. We take pride in using creative problem solving techniques to implement new products and facilitate a more holistic approach in the secondary to tertiary and tertiary to industry transitions of our future professionals.

Our Vision for the industry is to impart a holistic approach and establish Professional Sustainability.

Secondary Tertiary Industry


Professional sustainability is the ‘utopian’ scenario where professional industry transitions secondary, tertiary graduates (or ‘Future Professionals’) are transitions into the industry with a continuous evolution in knowledge. Where the young is guided by the experienced and the experienced evolves as the young brings new attributes to the industry.


Inspired Education Australia was founded and established by Rashan Senanayake. Rashan is a Master and Bachelor …


Our Mission is to become the largest platform to guide, enable and develop Graphics Teachers to better facilitate…


Our Vision is in achieving and implementing Professional Sustainability within the built environment of Australia…