Inspiring Design with Rashan Senanayake

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Faculty of Art and Design
"Design Education Podcast for the 21st Century"
DATTA Conference 2019
Thought provoking design discussions
AG__13, 18/11/2019
Rashan's Inspiring Design explores many concepts of learning, thinking and communicating in an engaging way. It's great to hear about a wide range of topics relating to both the design industry and design...
Life Changing!
Ctopp_1995, 12/11/2019
Throughout the past 3 years of my design course Rashan has been a fantastic mentor - it's great that through this podcast others can learn about the power of design thinking and how it can be applied to all facets of life.
A total inspo!
almajosiah, 07/11/2019
Before I even knew him personally, I heard a lot of great things about Rashan from my colleagues. An inspirational character with the most noble goal, and that is to share. He absolutely succeeded in creating the perfect platform for public/students to the design world. Rashan, you rock!
Design Thinking for the win!
AdamV29, 21/10/2019
Love the common theme of design thinking coming through on almost every episode! Definitely helped me understand the mindset and values of a designer and its applications across all the disciplines. Keep up the awesome guests Rashan!
A must listen for architects everywhere!
Lexyyy95, 01/10/2019
Rashan was my tutor during my bachelor degree. He is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who has supported me throughout my tertiary studies and into my professional career. Finding a teacher who is invested...
BurntAcorn, 19/08/2019
Rashan’s dedication to deep diving into design across multiple levels has given me a great insight into the industry. Absolutely love this podcast!
S02 : Ep. 08 : An International Student’s Journey, in Design with Victor Nguyen
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Inspiring Design... with Rashan Senanayake is the missing link where design and education meets. Our guests sharing their knowledge in design, design education, design thinking, teaching techniques, industry standards as well as the study of design, connects the knowledge gaps in the design industry from a secondary, tertiary and industry stand point. Rashan is an author, speaker, designer and a passionate enthusiasts of both design and education.
It’s the way to transform new realities, enabling new futures.