Leaders in design education, training and consulting to schools, STEaM teachers and future professionals.

The current education system in Australia, although has a lot of merit, has some major flaws. It is a system that builds up our students in high school, only to be misaligned once again at a tertiary level then built back up again to enter the industry. Guess what? Time and time again graduates realise that they are not industry ready, even after a 16-year secondary and tertiary career! So, what’s going on!?

We need a holistic approach!


it’s simple! The industry is consistently practicing the latest trends, technologies and what is required to succeed in each design discipline and understand the industry, right here and now.

So, we have found a dedicated group of industry professionals (architects, designers, digital designers, creatives and more...) that really care about making a difference to our future professionals.

We bring the latest industry trends, technology and knowledge to schools and train teachers on exactly they need to successfully implement 21st century learning skills right away!


Inspired Education Australia (IEA) is founded and led by the expertise of Rashan Senanayake - a design and education entrepreneur based in Brisbane Australia.

Don’t be fooled by the young look of our trainers - even though it may seem like we are straight out of university, we know what we are talking about! Experts in VR/AR, Design Thinking, Sketching and CAD and design software is just the start. Our entire team are practicing industry professionals in a variety of Design disciplines, grinding every day to make a real difference in schools and the teachers lives!

All our trainers are handpicked to make the biggest impact with a minimum of 5+ years’ experience in the expertise topic.